Passionate French designer Annie Busson, with signified glamour, founded the loving brand " Clio Blue" in 1981, symbolized by the TWIN
KISSING FISH, representing love, caring and free. The modern and timeless French elegance, romantic design and distinctive quality lead the brand to one of the well recognized contemporary jewelry and watch brands in France, presenting values of authenticity.

    Clio Blue is succeeded by the Morineau Group, Patrick Morineau, owner of the company, enhances the Clio Blue collections and endeavors a promising global market growth. Well established in France with 2 flapship stores and prestigious department stores like Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, and over 450 sales points worldwide, Clio Blue is now being distributed to Japan, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, China, Belgium, launching also to Switzerland, Austria, USA, and the TWIN FISH is swimming all over the world.

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